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COVID 19 UPDATE: What you need to know

Update, 18/07/2021: Your pet's health remains a priority for your vet. Please respect your vet's decision in managing cases during Covid-19. Veterinary teams are working hard for you and your animals. Please respect social distancing so that we can keep you and our team safe.


Under current government rules: “If you have been informed that you are a contact of a person who has had a positive test result for COVID-19, you must stay at home and complete 10 full days isolation. Your isolation period includes the date of your last contact with them and the next 10 full days.”


As we are a small team, if one of us test positive to Covid 19, then we will all have to isolate.


As we want to ensure we can provide the best service possible for your pets, we have taken the decision to continue working under lockdown rules as we feel this gives the best chance of keeping staff, clients and pets safe.


We hope you understand our decision for not allowing clients into Cedars Veterinary Centre during this time of increasing incidence of Covid 19 cases.

Triage system

If your dog's booster vaccinations are overdue by more than one month, please contact the surgery from June 1st to make an appointment. Please be aware we are still working under COVID 19 restrictions and require your co-operation upon arrival to ensure staff safety. 

  • Any calls to Cedars will enter a triage process ensuring we can maintain our service to those animals in need of immediate care. 

  • we will only see pets that require urgent or emergency treatment  

  • to protect our staff we are asking that no client enters the building without calling first

  • On arrival, owners are asked to inform reception by telephone and wait in their car until the vet is available. The vet may conduct some of the consultation by telephone (so make sure you have your mobile phone with you) and your pet may be collected from you and brought into the surgery by a member of staff

  • In exceptional circumstances only ONE client will be permitted into the surgery and they should maintain at least 6 ft/2 meters of space between them and staff members

  • the pet will be examined in the usual way, advice given and discussions on treatment options will take place over the phone

  • if a pet is hospitalised visits will not be permitted

  • if appropriate we may offer a telephone consultation with the vet - this will carry the normal consultation charge - where the vet will discuss your pet’s condition and appropriate treatment (the use of photos/ videos where appropriate may be used to assist in their treatment) 

  • All repeat prescriptions should be ordered by phone Payments should be made over the phone before collection 

  • Please let us know when you arrive to collect your prescription step away from the door and a member of staff will put your medication outside the door for you to take

  • At the moment postage of medication is possible but must be paid for before being posted

  • Our drug order is only arriving every other day at present so we advise that you re-order repeat prescriptions in plenty of time (when you have at least 1 week of medication left) and allow at least 48 hours notice for payment and collection 


  • This is not how we would want to function in a normal situation but in order to be available to you and your pets we need to work in a way that keeps everyone as safe as possible 

A list of urgent cases which will be seen by a vet: 

  • Difficulty breathing

  • Significant weakness or collapse

  • Significant bleeding

  • Cough (over one week)

  • Acute severe lameness

  • Retching

  • Trauma (major accidents such as an RTA)

  • Struggling to urinate or defecate

  • Excessive urination of thirst

  • GI signs (vomiting or diarrhoea) with significant mental depression

  • Ongoing treatment and monitoring of Addison’s patients

  • Monitoring of unstable diabetics

  • Flystrike

  • Ileus (small mammals)

  • Euthanasia

  • Fitting / seizure

  • Consumption of hazardous object(s)

  • Difficulty giving birth

  • Loss of appetite and thirst

  • Abdominal swelling

Thank you all for being so understanding and keep yourselves safe,

The Cedars team.

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